Endless Space 2 – Vinyl Edition


Stretch goal 1 Stretch goal 2 : 202 / 300

Endless Space 2 Double Vinyl – Transparent Blue

The production of the vinyl will officially begin once 200 pre-orders have been achieved. Pre-ordering the vinyl will help unlock the stretch goals to obtain special bonuses and rewards!

The pre-order campaign will end on August 3rd.

202 / 500

40 %


Pre-order Campaign

Rediscover FlybyNo’s stunning compositions in this limited edition double vinyl, a compilation of 17 of the most popular works from the original soundtrack. This special edition is made up of two transparent blue vinyls in an all-black sleeve with brilliant blue print. The design of the inner and outer sleeve incorporate official artwork by the Amplitude Studios creative team.

Each purchase includes a digital download of Endless Space 2’s original soundtrack in the format of your choice (MP3, WAV, FLAC…).

Each purchase also includes an Elite GAMES2GETHER “Wax Collector” Badge which includes 2000 profile points, a title, and a special avatar for your profile.

Pre-order the vinyl edition of Endless Space 2 in order to assure its production. We commit to producing the vinyls as soon as 200 pre-orders have been obtained. Production time may vary, please allow for at least 4 months to produce and ship the final version of the vinyl. The more copies are pre-ordered, the more additional bonuses will be unlocked for all purchasing fans!


[EARLY BIRD] – 200 Pre-orders
For the first 200 pre-orders, the vinyl will be autographed by FlybyNo

STRETCH GOAL #1 – 300 Pre-orders
Upon reaching 300 pre-orders, a sheet of stickers will be added to each order as a free gift

STRETCH GOAL #2 – 400 Pre-orders
Upon reaching 400 pre-orders, a Steam code unlocking an exclusive Endless Space 2 game hero from the “Harmony” faction will be added to each order as a free gift

STRETCH GOAL #3 – 500 Pre-orders
Upon reaching 500 pre-orders, an exclusive Endless Space 2 slipmat will be added to each order as a free gift


Additional information regarding the pre-order campaign process are available under the “FAQ” tab. Visit the “Tracklist” tab for the the full listing of the 17 tracks included on the vinyl.


How does the pre-order campaign work?

The objective of this campaign is to ensure the production of the vinyl. The production will be considered validated once 200 pre-orders have been achieved. The subsequent stretch goals will allow buyers to obtain additional bonuses, in model similar to crowdfunding campaigns.

Why choose to do a pre-order campaign?

Creating a vinyl edition of Endless for the players is a longtime dream of FlybyNo’s that has always been shared by the Amplitude team. The cost of this dream, however, is far from insignificant, as it is not possible to produce this type of project in very small quantities. High quality manufacturers, in order to assure the quality and care of their products, will not allow it. This campaign will allow us to know if this dream is attainable. It is a formidable asset for us as developers as well as for the fans. Fingers crossed!

I have placed a pre-order; what will happen if the campaign does not attain its first goal?

If the product does not reach its initial goal by the end of the campaign, the product will be cancelled and our dreams will be crushed… We commit, of course, to refunding all of those who pre-ordered within 7 days following the end of the campaign.

My campaign pre-order was the 500th one. Which bonuses will I receive?

In this case, you will receive all of the bonuses contained in all of the stretch goals. This includes the double vinyl, the digital OST, the G2G Badge, the stickers, the “Harmony” hero, and the Slipmat.

Only the autographed FlybyNo editions are limited to 200.

How much time do I need to wait before receiving my product?

Once the campaign has been completed, we will tackle the finalization of the last details with the creator of the product, and then we will launch production. Depending on the product and quantity, the production times are variable and can be quite long, but we guarantee the first deliveries will begin about 4 months after the end of the campaign.

When will I receive my bonuses?

For the digital original soundtrack, you will receive your download code at the email address indicated during your order within 14 days following the end of the campaign. For the G2G badge and the “Harmony” hero, you will receive the download code at the email address indicated during pre-order simultaneously with the shipment of your vinyl.

The times indicated above are subject to change in the event that the delivery of some of the bonuses takes longer than expected, if this is the case, we will communicate with you as early as possible via email and social media.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping depends on the location:

  • France: 10$
  • Europe: 12$
  • World: 15$

When does the campaign end?

The campaign will end on August 3rd.

Is it possible to pre-order once the campaign has ended?

Yes, it always possible to continue to pre-order a product once the campaign has ended. However, in this precise case, you will not receive the bonuses won during the campaign.

Who are we?

We are a music label specializing in music to accompany images and video games in particular. Our objective is to publish and diffuse video game music to the largest number possible. We have already produced numerous original soundtracks which you can find here, along with more information about G4F Records.


–Disc 1 – Face A–

01. Memories of the Lost (Main Title) – 05:36
02. Three Quarks in a Row – 04:41
03. The Edge of the Sky – 05:00
04. Cygnus – 05:43

–Disc 1 – Face B–

01. Flawless Theory – 04:46
02. Calabi-Yau Space – 04:36
03. Axial Tilt Zero – 04:28
04. The Lost Frontier – 03:06
05. Worship the Endless (ft. G.L.Soubrier) – 04:08

–Disc 2 – Face C–

01. Driven by DNA (Cravers Theme) – 04:43
02. To Rise, Virtual (Vodyani Theme) – 04:23
03. Across the Drift (Riftborn Theme) – 06:43
04. The Families (Lumeris Theme) – 04:15

–Disc 2 – Face D–

01. Quantum Dub (Sophons Theme) – 04:21
02. Together to the Stars (United Empire Theme) – 05:42
03. The We (Horatio Theme) – 05:34
04. From the Heart (Unfallen Theme) – 04:50

Stretch Goals