Lost in Harmony: Kaito’s Adventure – Vinyl Edition


Stretch goal 1 : 13 / 100

Lost in Harmony: Kaito’s Adventure Blue Double Vinyl

Sign up to the pre-order campaign for the double vinyl collector’s edition of Lost in Harmony. 100 pre-orders are required to launch the official production of the edition – the campaign ends on September 17.

The composers revisit classical works and create original compositions in this fantastic award-winning soundtrack.

13 / 100

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Lost in Harmony Kaito's Adventure Blue 2xLP

Discover the beautiful musical odyssey of Lost in Harmony in this double vinyl edition of the 35 titles in the soundtrack, which includes a light blue and dark blue vinyl record in a sleeve designed in the same colors as the official game artwork.

Each pre-order will include a bonus illustration of the game in the packaging sent with the vinyl. This offer is only valid during the period of the pre-order campaign from August 17 to September 17.

Artwork Lost in Harmony

The pre-order also includes a download of the digital soundtrack of Lost in Harmony: Kaito’s Adventure in the format of your choice (MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.).

The soundtrack invites you on an extraordinary journey through unique remixes of classical works and new titles created exclusively for the game. The soundtrack was composed by renowned film and video game composers: Xilix, Roc Chen (Heroes of Might and Magic VII), Borislav Slavov (Divinity: Original Sin 2), Mark Griskey (Star Wars: The Old Republic) and Wyclef Jean (ex-member of the Fugees). Check out the tracklist and listen to the tracks in the vinyl edition using the tracklist tab above.

Pre-order the vinyl edition of Lost in Harmony: Kaito’s Adventure to guarantee the launch of the production run. We can only finance and produce the vinyls when we reach 100 pre-orders.


Additional information regarding the pre-order campaign process are available under the “FAQ” tab.


–Disc 1 – Side A–

01. Asturias (Remix) – 01:33
02. Swan Lake (Remix) – 01:36
03. Hungarian Rhapsody (Remix) – 01:35
04. Requiem Dies Irae – 02:19
05. Lost in Ocean – 02:04
06. Mazeltov (Remix) – 00:47
07. Nutcracker (Remix) – 01:05
08. Lost in Time – 03:48
09. Lost in Mountains – 02:16

–Disc 1 – Side B–

01. Funeral March (Remix) – 01:10
02. 7th Symphony (Remix) – 01:09
03. Lost in Warfare – 01:09
04. Lost in Desert – 02:16
05. Hungarian Dance (Remix) – 01:04
06. Forza Del Destino (Remix) – 01:51
07. 5th Symphony (Remix) – 01:30
08. Pavane (Remix) – 01:33
09. Korobeïniki (Remix) – 01:03
10. Fugue 2 (Remix) – 01:25
11. Korobushka (Remix) – 02:11

–Disc 2 – Side C–

01. Moldau (Remix) – 02:19
02. Ride of the Valkyries (Remix) – 01:40
03. Lost in the Sky – 02:20
04. New World Symphony (Remix) – 01:36
05. William Tell Overture (Remix) – 03:03
06. Cucaracha (Remix) – 02:05
07. Lost in Night – 02:36

–Disc 2 – Side D–

01. Hall of the Mountain King (Remix) – 02:34
02. Coriolan Overture (Remix) – 02:20
03. Lost in Space – 01:16
04. The Planets (Remix) – 02:23
05. Lost in Infinity – 02:22
06. Sarabande (Remix) – 01:34
07. Alhambra (Remix) – 03.05
08. Toreador (Remix) – 00:59


How does the pre-order campaign work?

The objective of this campaign is to ensure the production of the vinyl. The production will be considered validated once 100 pre-orders have been achieved.

Why choose to do a pre-order campaign?

Producing a vinyl edition involves considerable cost because it’s not yet possible to produce vinyl editions like this in small quantities; the leading vinyl manufacturers insist on maintaining integrity and high quality and won’t allow it. We can use the campaign to find out if this edition is feasible, which will be a great asset both for us and for the fans.

I have placed a pre-order; what will happen if the campaign does not attain its goal?

If the product does not reach its initial goal by the end of the campaign, the product will be cancelled and our dreams will be crushed… We commit, of course, to refunding all of those who pre-ordered within 7 days following the end of the campaign.

How much time do I need to wait before receiving my product?

Once the campaign is over, we will focus on the final details with the product manufacturer and will then launch the production. Production times vary depending on the product and may be fairly long, but we estimate to commence deliveries roughly 4 months after the end of the campaign.

When will I receive my bonuses?

For the digital original soundtrack, you will receive your download code at the email address indicated during your order within 14 days following the end of the campaign.

The times indicated above are subject to change in the event that the delivery of some of the bonuses takes longer than expected, if this is the case, we will communicate with you as early as possible via email and social media.

How much are the shipping costs?

The costs depends on the delivery addres:

  • France: 10€
  • Europe: 12€
  • World: 15€

When does the campaign end?

The campaign will end on September 17th.

Is it possible to pre-order once the campaign has ended?

Yes, it always possible to continue to pre-order a product once the campaign has ended. However, in this precise case, you will not receive the bonuses won during the campaign.


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