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G4F Records is a label specialized in video game music. We produce, supervise and distribute soundtracks on all platforms in digital and physical format.


We define together a musical artistic direction for your project. We select the right composers to meet your needs, according to your budget, in order to produce the best possible soundtrack for the game.

Orchestre G4F 01

& Licencing

We proceed to the budgeting, planning and production of the soundtrack. Recording sessions in our G4F studios or with an orchestra, booking of musicians…). Management of the musical rights and contracts between the various parties (artist, development studio, label…).


We publish the soundtrack on all music streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp…). We produce high quality vinyl and CD editions and take care of the whole process (design creation, production, shipping, stock management…).


We draw up a marketing plan around the soundtrack to accompany the release of your project. Production of video clips, making-of, interviews, PR, pre-order campaign…

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