A new vinyl edition for Endless Legend!

Endless Legend: Definitive Edition
January 31, 2019 Back to Blog

To celebrate Endless Day organized by Amplitude Studios on January 24th, we are delighted to announce the Endless Legend double vinyl collector’s edition, created in collaboration with the development team.

This edition includes a selection of the main musical themes composed by FlybyNo since the release of the game. You will of course find the main track from the original game “Auriga’s Song”, the theme of the Allay faction, “Changing Seasons” and “Ward of the Urbans (Mykara Theme)”, one of two new titles from the recently released addon: Endless Legend – Symbiosis.

The edition incorporates two white vinyl discs in a sleeve design in the Endless Legend colors.

This edition is only currently available for pre-order. Deliveries are anticipated to commence in late summer 2019.

Pre-order bonus: the first 200 pre-orders will receive a vinyl edition signed by FlybyNo. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the pre-orders on our social networks.

The digital album, Endless Legend: Definitive Edition, includes all the music composed for Endless Legend and the various addons, and is also available on Bandcamp. The album will soon be released on the various streaming platforms.