All of the music featured on the original soundtracks that we produce, publish; and/or distribute may be freely used in videos on YouTube and Twitch.

You may also monetize your videos. This will not lead to any copyright claim on our part, no matter what platform is used.

Our catalog includes dozens of albums, notably the soundtrack to Furi, Paper Beast, and the upcoming Humankind and Haven. The complete list can be found on our “Soundtrack” page.


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Do I need to sign up or contact you before using your music in my video?

No. You don't need to request permission to publish a video or stream using music from our catalog. All we ask is that you give credit to G4F Records and the creators.

Here’s a template you can use to give credit for the music in our catalog:
“My Only Chance” by The Toxic Avenger
Furi Original Soundtrack – The Game Bakers
Permission for use is granted by G4F Records:

Can I use the music for any video, regardless of format or topic?

Yes. You may use music from our catalog for videos about video games (gameplay, walkthroughs, streaming playlists, etc.). It is also possible to use our music in a non-video game context, but you must first request our permission for this, as well as for any commercial use.

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Can I re-upload the music to my music channel?

No. We do not allow direct uploads of our music to YouTube. We already officially publish all of the soundtracks to our YouTube channel to ensure that revenues are fairly distributed to the creators.

In this context, and for this type of video, we reserve the right to make claim for monetization of your video, or to request the deletion of your video.

I received a copyright claim from YouTube for using one of your tracks. What should I do?

Unfortunately, sometimes YouTube can mistake our music for music from another label. This can lead to you receiving a claim from the other label. If this happens, we recommend that you dispute the claim. Explain the situation, explaining that you are using music from a game from the G4F Records catalog, and that we give you permission to use it and to monetize your video. Feel free to add a link to this page in your dispute claim.

You may also contact us at for assistance with this process. We will also be able to contact the label to make sure it does not happen again.

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