Music Label for Entertainment and Numeric Arts.

G4F Records is a label specializing in music to image that includes video games, film and animation. We publish, promote and distribute music from the digital arts and entertainment sectors.

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Are you a fan?

We’re passionate about what we do, and provide original music across all the distribution channels.
We want the fabulous gems of sound produced in the creative industries to reach the widest possible audience, and the canvas is very broad!
We hope you will enjoy the “making-of” videos for these productions, the interviews with the various participants and we invite you on a voyage of discovery into our original sound worlds.

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Are you a professional?

We can now offer an extensive range of services to develop your music and distribute it to achieve maximum coverage.

Administrative service

We handle all the formalities and registration of your works with the various collective management bodies.

Licensing - synchro

We manage the promotion and placement of your creative works with the music supervisors.

Development and promotion

We will work closely with your team to design a marketing strategy that is tailor-made for your needs.

Royalty payments

We collect and distribute royalties between the studio, publisher, composer and the rights holders.

G4F Talents

Take advantage of our exclusive roster of artists and composers to create your original soundtrack.

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Multichannel distribution

We can distribute your soundtrack across all the digital download platforms. We will work with you to design an effective and specific strategy for each platform.

Physical distribution

We work with our partners to ensure the production and physical distribution of your soundtrack on vinyl, CD and any other physical media. We also handle inventory management, deliveries, etc..

layout styles

layout styles


We can organize and plan your launch event and concert and devise a PR campaign around the event.

Management of video content

We broadcast the entire OST of your project on our YouTube channel. We can also produce "making-of" videos and interviews as part of the promotional activities for your work.

layout styles

layout styles

Marketing strategy

We can exploit our vast experience in music distribution and together we will devise a marketing strategy that is specific to your projects. Interviews, making-of, pre-orders, social marketing, merchandising: we can design multiple forms of communication to promote and distribute your soundtrack.

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