ENDLESS™ Dungeon (Original Game Soundtrack) available on Digital and Vinyl Edition.

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October 23, 2023 Back to Blog

The new ENDLESS™ Dungeon (Original Game Soundtrack) album is available on all music platforms!

STREAMING – ENDLESS™ Dungeon (Original Game Soundtrack)

STREAMING – ENDLESS™ Dungeon (Original Game Soundtrack)

The interactive original soundtrack from ENDLESS™ Dungeon has been composed by the Amplitude Studios resident composer Arnaud Roy (HUMANKIND™, ENDLESS™ Space, ENDLESS™ Legend) and by the singer-songwriter Lera Lynn (HBO’s True Detective). A space western album that featured folk, progressive rock and a unique blend of 90s synthesizers.

In addition to the album being available on all platforms, (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music…), live performances of the songs “Free Again” and “The Garden”, performed by Lera Lynn are available on the Endless Universe YouTube channel.

Arnaud Roy

“I composed the soundtrack for Endless Dungeon with the desire to create a unique blend of 90s synthesizers and a progressive rock band. I was greatly inspired by artists from that era such as Tortoise and Mùm. By combining the iconic synths from previous game of the Endless series, a guitar lost in space, and a groovy drumbeat, I tried to create a space western atmosphere ideal for exploring the station and engaging in epic battles with monsters.”

Arnaud Roy

The soundtrack is also available for pre-order in a double vinyl edition, featuring a gold marble 2xLP. This edition includes a selection of 19 tracks from the original soundtrack of the game. The pre-orders are available on the G4F Records store (estimating shipping date: Fabruary 2024).


Endless Dungeon - Vinyl Edition

ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a tactical action rogue-lite game with a twist of tower defense. Play alone or with up to two friends in co-op as you try to make your way through the mysterious space station on which you find yourselves trapped. Protect your crystal from waves of oncoming monsters. If it dies, you die, so be careful! ENDLESS™ Dungeon is now available on PC and consoles.