Lakeburg Legacies – Music by Alexandre Bobe

July 19, 2023 Back to Blog

The Lakeburg Legacies original soundtrack is available on all streaming platforms! 


Lakeburg Legacies, an album featuring European medieval orchestral sounds!

Lakeburg Legacies is a village management simulation game where the main resource is love, developed and published by Ishtar Games.

Alexandre Bobe composed 7 pieces with European medieval orchestral sounds. A soft and captivating album that highlights instruments from that period. The first five tracks of the album have their titles written in medieval Occitan, as part of the historical fidelity. The last two tracks refer to several medieval dances.

Here is the translation of each medieval Occitan title:

1 – Quan vei l’alba: When I see the dawn

2 – Lo pic e la rossignola: The woodpecker and the nightingale

3 – Tindra ? Que veses ?: Tindra? What do you see?

4 – Amors a signifianssa: Love has its reasons

5 – Quan de vos me sove: When I remember you

Also, the tracks “Quan vei l’alba” and “Quan de vos me sove” have 4K music videos to watch on YouTube! A beautiful opportunity to showcase the recordings made in our studios for the soundtrack. Listen to the Lakeburg Legacies album on all music streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Bandcamp etc. Feel free to listen to the original soundtrack on your favorite platform!

Lakebug Legacies - Music by Alexandre Bobe
Lakeburg Legacies, music by Alexandre Bobe