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Dungeon of the Endless – Vinyl Edition [Pre-Order]


Dungeon of the Endless Vinyl [PRE-ORDER]

Vinyl edition (180 g) of the Dungeon of the Endless soundtrack, the Rogue-Like game from Amplitude Studios. This edition includes a selection of 11 tracks composed by Arnaud Roy.

The vinyl edition features an orange record in a cover featuring major artwork from Dungeon of the Endless. The inner sleeve also features its own design in the game’s colors.

The soundtrack was composed using nothing but synths from the 90s (Waldorf Microwave, PolyEvolver, etc.) to create a unique transcendental experience. For one of his first video game compositions, Arnaud Roy serves up a soundtrack that features atmospheric and melancholy electronica.

Each purchase includes an digital download of the Dungeon of the Endless soundtrack in the format of your choice (MP3, WAV, FLAC).

Delivery of the vinyls is scheduled for the end of August 2021. Due to the new government-mandated health measures, there may be an additional delay in getting your order to you. We will keep you updated on the status of your order by email. Thank you for understanding.

Dungeon of the Endless Soundtrack



– Face A –

01. Dungeon of the Endless (Main Title) – 02:13
02. Skulk Around – 02:33
03. Ground Mist – 03:18
04. An Outmoded Voice – 04:41
05. The Wild Underground Plains – 02:46
06. Celluloid – 03:56

– Face B –

01. Crystal Quest – 02:37
02. Wrecking Bad – 03:23
03. Lady Shaft – 04:11
04. Haphazardly – 04:06
05. Alien Pollen – 04:48