Release of Lera Lynn’s single “Free Again” for ENDLESS™ Dungeon

January 24, 2022 Back to Blog

This January 24, 2022, the single, and also the first track from the soundtrack of the game ENDLESS™ Dungeon, is unveiled to the general public. It’s the song, “Free Again”, composed, written, and produced by Lera Lynn.

Listen to the single “Free Again” by Lera Lynn

With more than 780,000 views, we can say that the ENDLESS™ Dungeon trailer has been able to attract an audience and get people talking since its appearance at The Game Awards 2020. In the trailer, we we were able to see a short excerpt from the song and hear the sublime voice of Lera Lynn. Now you can check out the full song in the video below.

You only have to read the comments under the video to understand that this song hit the mark and that fans are still asking for more. And it’s today that the story continues and that the single is available on all streaming platforms!

The music is composed, written, and produced by the multifaceted American artist: Lera Lynn. We can also find the hands of Arnaud Roy on the synth on this track. With musicians like this behind the scenes, one can only expect magnificent musical work.

The single is an indie rock oriented track, with a slow tempo and captivating chords. But, it’s quite obvious that the voice of Lera Lynn is what brings the final touch. It’s music conducive to dreams, with lyrics leaning on a hoped-for freedom.

The single, “Free Again“, is available on all streaming platforms now. More info on the album to come.