2Dark Original Soundtrack

The original soundtrack features 21 tracks and was released on March 17, 2017.

The music was composed by Samuel Safa.

Listen to unsettling pieces and immerse yourself in the gloomy atmosphere of 2Dark.

Release date : 20170317

Music composed and orchestrated by Samuel Safa.

Mixing: Alexandre Tanguy (except Le Tango de Lewis mixed by Ulrich Edorh)

Mastering: François Fanelli – Sonics Mastering


Sarah Friedmann: Solo violin

Fernando Maguna: Bandoneon

Rodolfo Murillo Montero: Transverse flute

Ania Safa: Piano

Samuel Safa: Guitars, keyboards, programming

Scoring Orchestra: Orchestra

2Dark is an infiltration and horror game developed by Gloomywood studios and published by Bigben Interactive. You play Smith, a depressive former cop desperately searching for his missing children. He ends up uncovering the secret of Gloomywood: an ugly den of serial-killer kidnappers. His mission is clear: rescue the kids!

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