Endless Legend: Echoes of Auriga Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack includes 11 tracks (two from the new Shifters expansion) and was released on November 19, 2015.

The music was composed by Arnaud Roy (FlyByNo).

The soundtrack features the harp, the composer’s favorite instrument, and various percussion instruments played by Jean Noël Godard. The orchestral sections (choirs and strings) were recorded with the Paris Scoring Orchestra at Studio Ferber in Paris.

Release date : 20151119

Celtic and pedal harps, jubel tone, sensula, synthesizers: Arnaud Roy (FlybyNo)

Percussion, Taiko : Jean-Noël Godard

Violin: Romuald Grimbert-Barré, Cécile Tete, Arnaud Pieniezny, Heloise Schmitt, Samuel Godefroi, Raphael Coqblin, David Bahon, Camille Verhoeven, Aliona Jacquet.

Viola: Elodie Laurent, Anne-Sophie Libra, Emma Girbal, Issey Nadaud.

Cellos: Florent Chevallier, Jeremie Billet, Adrien Bellom.

Choir: Michiko Takahashi, Sophie Landy, Caroline Arnaud, Elisabeth Coxall, Myriam Arbouz, Albane Meyer, Aline Quentin, Annael Ben Soussan, Armelle Marq, Aurélie Desolere, Christel Bruguier, Virginie Mekongo.

Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineers: Arnaud Roy & Fabien Girard

Audio assistant: Alexandre Schnepf

Paris Scoring

Artistic Director and Copyist: Jonathan Grimbert-Barré
Production Manager: Sébastien Hillel
Management: Camille Verhoeven
Conductor: Vincent Renaud
Violin Soloist: Romuald Grimbert-Barré

Echoes of Auriga is an expansion of the 4X strategy game Endless Legend, developed by French indie Amplitude Studios.

The game is part of the entire Endless universe.

The extension was released on November 19, 2015.

Website: Endless Legend: Echoes of Auriga