The original soundtrack to Endless Legend: Tempest includes 4 tracks and was released on October 14, 2016.

Music composed by Arnaud Roy (FlybyNo).

The music in Tempest is both soothing and epic and performed with great passion welling up from deep within the soul of the members of the Scoring Orchestra.

Release date : 20161014

Music composed by Arnaud Roy (FlybyNo).

Recorded in August 2016 @Studio Le Dojo & Studios Ferber

Artistic Direction: Jonathan Grimbert-Barré
Conductor: Léo Margue.
Sound Engineer: Alexandre Tanguy
Audio Assistant: Damien Pochat-Cottilloux
Scoring Productions Assistant: Alan Naudin-Levi
Orchestra Manager: Camille Verhoeven

Violins 1: Romuald Grimbert-Barré, Élodie Laguillier, Vera Lopatina, Jerôme Merlet, Lucile Podor.
Violons 2: Matthias Piccin, Louis Ouvrard-Arnaud, Cyrille Métivier, Arnaud Pieniezny.
Violas: Claire Chipot, Helene Hadjiyiassemis, Julien Lo Pinto, Maxence Grimbert-Barré.
Cellos: Catherine Doise, Adrien Bellom, Jérémie Billet.
Percussions: Jean Noël Godard.
Tenors: Antoine Amariutei, Alexis Marsepoil.
Sopranos: Irène Mejia-Buttin, Caroline Arnaud, Vanessa Callico, Marie Gaignard, Caroline Mahot, Catherine Lafont.

Scoring Orchestra of Paris

Endless Legend is a fantastical turn-based 4X strategy game developed by the French team, Amplitude Studios. The Tempest add-on will incorporate a game based on a new major faction, the Morgawr. Players will clash on the high seas and new ocean control zones will be added along with many new quests and items.

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