Endless Legend original soundtrack

The soundtrack comprises 32 tracks and was released on September 10, 2014.

The OST was composed by Arnaud Roy (FlyByNo).

More than 1 hour of music for this soundtrack with harp, percussion and synthesizers. The Paris Scoring Orchestra is also featured with 16 strings, bass flute, soloist viola and seven singers.

Release date : 20140910

Harp, Kora, Sensula, Synthesizer: FlybyNo
Percussion, Space Drum: Jean-Noël Godard
Solois vocal and Lyrics : Gary Lawrence Soubrier
Additionals voices: Marie Doyeux, Arnaud Roy


Art Director: Jonathan Grimbert-Barré
Production Manager: Sébastien Hillel
Management: Camille Verhoeven
Copyist: David Ree
Vocal Solist: Estelle Micheau
Bass and Flute Solist: Julien Vern
Viola Solist: Maxence Grimbert-Barré

Conductor: Vincent Renaud

Sound Engineer: Fabien Girard

Recorded in February and May 2014@ Le Dojo, Studios Ferber, Studios Acousti, France

Violins: Romuald Grimbert-Barré, Raphaël Coqblin, Sadra Fayyaz, Maud Grundmann, Samuel Godefroi, Aliona Jacquet-Apreleff, Arnaud Pieniezny, Cécile Tête, Damien Vergez

Violas: Maxence Grimbert-Barré, Claire Chipot, Emma Girbal, Julien Lo Pinto

Cellos: Florent Chevallier, Adrien Bellom, Jérémie Billet

Choir: Anaël Ben Soussan,Julia Beaumier, Agathe Boudet, Elisabeth Coxall, Armelle Marq, Michiko Takahashi

Endless Legend is a 4X strategy game developed by Amplitude Studios on PC. Control every aspect of your civilization to save your home world. Create your own legend!

The game has been available since September 18, 2014.

Website: Endless Legend

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