Bury me, my Love original soundtrack

Xavier Collet

Xavier ColletComposer

Discover the music composed by Xavier Collet for the game, Bury me, my Love.

A mix of ethnics flavors comes to life thanks to many unfamiliar instruments (oud, kaval, psaltérion…).

Release date : 20171109

Music composed by Xavier Collet.


  • Sabrina Mauchet (violin)
  • Xavier Collet (guitar, oud, kaval, psaltérion, ukulele, programming, percussions)

Bury me, my Love is an Arte, Figs and The Pixel Hunt studio co-production.

Bury me, my Love is a reality-inspired interactive fiction designed for mobile phones. Bury me, my Love tells Nour’s story as she flees Syria and tries to reach Europe. But why did the young woman decide to leave?