Alexandre BobeComposer

Lakeburg Legacies soundtrack by Alexandre Bobe.

The original soundtrack is now available on all streaming platforms.

An orchestral soundtrack with medieval European sounds that prominently features period instruments. It includes the psaltery, dulcimer, mandola, and many other instruments played by talented musicians.

Album composed by Alexandre Bobe, composer and multi-instrumentalist for the game Lakeburg Legacies by Ishtar Games studio.

Release date : 20230720

Original soundtrack composed by Alexandre Bobe.

Alexandre Bobe – Flutes, Dulcimer, Mandole, Psaltery
Paul Rousseau – Viola da Gamba
Valentin Barbillon – Guitar
Jean Noël Godard – Percussions

Alexandre Bobe – Copyist

Mathieu Trouvé – Recording Engineer

Alexandre Bobe – Editing, Mix
Fabien Girard – Mix and Mastering

(P) 2022 G4F Records
(C) 2023 G4F Records – Ishtar Games

Lakeburg Legacies is a social-based village management sim where love is your favourite resource. Developped and published by Ishtar Games.

Release Date:20 Jul, 2023 on PC (Steam and GOG).