RunSanity original soundtrack

The soundtrack includes 12 tracks and has been available since December 12, 2012. Extra bonuses: Stan, Celeste, Zee, JM & Ollie ringtones (download only).

The soundtrack was composed by Henri-Pierre Pellegrin (H-Pi).

Apart from:
– The Blue Danube
– Stan Party Music

Enjoy the five musical universes of the main characters in this delirious and funny soundtrack!

Release date : 12/12/2012

Tracks composed by Henri-Pierre Pellegrin (H-Pi).

Apart from:
– The Blue Danube, from “An der schönen blauen Donau”, op. 314 composed by Johann Strauss II.
– Stan Party Music, from “Dance in Underwear”, composed and performed by German Predator (with his kind permission).

Runsanity is a runner game developed by Heliceum on mobile (App Store and Google Play). In this arcade game you’ll have to run endlessly and cover the maximum distance while avoiding the obstacles in your path.

The game release date was November 26, 2012.