Splasher Original Soundtrack

The original soundtrack to Splasher includes 16 tracks and was composed by David Boitier and Aymeric Schwartz.

The soundtrack is inspired by both the current synthwave craze and old-school video game soundtracks.

Release date : 20170207

Original soundtrack composed by David Boitier and Aymeric Schwartz (track No. 9, No. 14, No. 15)

Splasher, developed by Splashteam and published by Plug In Digital and The Sidekicks.

Splasher is an ultra-dynamic 2D platformer that will demand all your skills and lightning reflexes if you want to progress through the dozens of levels in the game. But the title also offers a world packed with fun and humor created by Romain Claude, Game Designer and Level Designer at Ubisoft, where he has worked on games such as Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins.

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