Original soundtrack from Welcome to ParadiZe by H-Pi.

Does Humor Belong in music?” as Frank Zappa said. A varied, offbeat, quirky and crazy album (taken from the game’s procedural music) that moves unashamedly from surf music to bluegrass, Scandinavian metal and experimental electroDefinitely Rock’n’Roll, influenced by Primus, MotorHead, Killswitch Engage, with frenzied solos as wild and sloppy as those from Tom Morello or John 5.       –  H-Pi

The album is now available on all streaming platforms.

Release date : 20240229

Original soundtrack composed by H-Pi.

Tracks reassembled from ingame procedural music.

H-PiKeyboards, Vocals, Ukulele, Lap steel Guitar, Folk Guitar, Mandolin, Cajon, Percussions, Mouth harp, Dulcimer, Electric Bass, electric guitars, Banjo, Harmonica, Micro Fretless Bass, Toms, Bowed instruments & more.

(P) 2023 G4F Prod

(C) 2024 G4F Records – Eko Software

Welcome To ParadiZe! Would you like your own zombie? A faithful companion who can defend you from his fellow zombies and accompany you on all your adventures. ParadiZe makes it possible! Here, zombies do the dirty job.

In the beautiful land of ParadiZe, ingenious survivors are experimenting with a technology to take control of the zombies who have once again invaded the world. It’s not all rosy in ParadiZe, but if you’re clever enough and good enough with your hands, you might just survive…