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Dead in Vinland

Available for pre-order since March 7, the soundtrack of Dead in Vinland has now arrived!

The soundtrack to Dead in Vinland is inspired by the many different characters you meet on the mysterious island in the game.

Bouzouki, psaltery, kaval, oud, Irish flute, riq, mandolin, to name a few; Xavier Collet composed eight mainly acoustic pieces that feature rich instrumentation. FlybyNo even lent his faithful harp to the composer for the track “Harp in Vinland”!

Listen to the music of Dead in Vinland on Bandcamp:

Or on YouTube:

The soundtrack will soon be available on Spotify and other music platforms.

Don’t forget to watch the interview with Xavier Collet:

About Dead in Vinland:

Developed by CCCP and published by Playdius, Dead in Vinland is a management and survival game that combines elements of RPG. The player follows the ups and downs of a family of Vikings stranded on an uninhabited island. Eirik and his wife Blodeuwedd have to struggle to ensure the survival of their little family.

The game is part of the series Dead in… whose first game Dead in Bermuda was released three years ago, but this time the game is set in a world of Nordic mythology.