The original soundtrack to Demeter, The Asklepios Chronicles is now available

Demeter, the Asklepios Chronicles
January 25, 2024 Back to Blog

15 splendid acoustic tracks composed by Antoine Wert.

STREAMING – Demeter, The Asklepios Chronicles (Original Game Soundtrack)

The original soundtrack from Demeter, The Asklepios Chronicles has been composed by Antoine Wert. For one of his first video game soundtracks, Antoine Wert creates a melancholy yet epic atmosphere, accompanied by magnificent soundscapes.

The 15 tracks include in the album are available on all music streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music…).

Demeter, The Asklepios Chronicles is a mixed reality narrative platformer game, created for the Meta Quest headset. The game offers a clever mix of challenging puzzles and exploration that require all your wits and skills, in a extraordinary surreal universe. If you’re the lucky owner of a Meta Quest headset, you can find the game on the Meta store.

Antoine Wert - Demeter
Antoine Wert – Composer