March 16, 2017 Back to Blog

The OST to 2Dark, composed by Samuel Safa, is now available on YouTube, Bandcamp and all the streaming platforms.

The album, roughly 40 minutes long, comprises 21 tracks, so you have 21 ways of immersing yourself in the gloomy atmosphere of 2Dark.

The slow tracks are there of course (the unsettling main theme and the  Mermaid’s Tavern lounge), and the album also contains more stirring pieces, including “Fight with a Vicious Clown” and “Fight the Pig“; two incredibly tense boss sections.

Download the album on Bandcamp:

Listen to the album on YouTube:

2Dark is an infiltration and horror game developed by Gloomywood studios and published by Bigben Interactive. You play Smith, a depressive former cop desperately searching for his missing children. He ends up uncovering the secret of Gloomywood: an ugly den of serial-killer kidnappers. His mission is clear: rescue the kids!

The game is available from today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can pre-order the vinyl on the Bandcamp page.