Alt-Frequencies: Launch of the original soundtrack pre-orders

Alt-Frequencies Original Soundtrack
February 1, 2019 Back to Blog

Accidental Queens, the development studio in charge of the well known A Normal Lost Phone and Another Lost Phone released in 2017, unveiled its new project developed in collaboration with Arte France, Alt-Frequencies. We’re proud today to reveal the original soundtrack with the first title “Ecdysis”.

Alt-Frequencies is an audio narrative investigation game, whose plot takes place between several radio stations. It was obvious that the game will offer its own original soundtrack, and like their previous games, this soundtrack has been composed by several composers.

We now reveal the first track of the futur album, called “Ecdysis”. An indie pop-rock song composed by Yponeko (ft. Juliet), that offers a glimpse of what you can expect in the game musical atmosphere.

The original soundtrack is already available for pre-order on Bandcamp. You’ll enjoy the first track from now and will receive the full album the moment it’s released later in 2019. New tracks will be unveiled in the coming weeks, stay tuned!