Masters of Light – Cinematic/Synthwave OST

Masters of Light - Keyart
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Masters of Light – A Cinematic/Synthwave OST, The Collaboration Between Waveshaper And Paul Zimmermann

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The Cinematic/Synthwave OST of the virtual reality game, Masters of Light, is available on all music platforms (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc.). Artists Waveshaper (already known for his work on “Furi,” the successful soundtrack) and Paul Zimmermann (soundtrack of “Wildfrost”) have teamed up to create a spectacular musical fusion between ambient electronic music and ultra-energetic and impactful EDM tracks.
Masters Of Light -  A Blend Of Synthwave And Orchestral

Two composers, two styles

The album is divided into two sections: the cinematic and atmospheric music composed by Paul Zimmermann, which depicts the dramatic and emotional key moments of the adventure. The combat music, which is obviously more dynamic, is composed by Waveshaper to motivate players during action phases. The whole maintains its coherence as electronic music through a wide palette of synths, choirs, and a general melancholic nuance that can be found in all tracks of the game. Masters of Light is a virtual reality game compatible with Meta Quest 2 and 3, as well as the Meta Quest Pro headsets. The game is now available on the Meta store and will soon be on Steam. The shadows threaten the galaxy and it’s up to you to join the fight! Experience the power of Masters of Light, an exhilarating action/adventure game where you harness spectacular magical superpowers via hand tracking.
Masters of Light - Album Cover