A Normal Lost Phone – Digital Edition


The A Normal Lost Phone Original Soundtrack features 12 tracks by several artists: Yllogique, Araignée du soir, Julien Karpi, Eduard Frolov EFG, Robyn Ardery, Victoria Guillon, Cédric MenendezCharlotte De LillaStöj Snak, Mad Mathilde, Cassius, Alexandre Inglebert, Antoine Grelet, TAIKONAUTE, YponomeutanekoHector Bonte and Corinne Fenoglio.

Music from the narrative investigation game by Accidental Queens. The OST is a real mix of genres including pop, ambient music and indie folk inspired by the original soundtrack to the game “Life is Strange”.

Purchase includes immediate download of the A Normal Lost Phone digital album in your favorite format (MP3WAVFLAC…).

A Normal Lost Phone Soundtrack


Airs (Yllogique & Araignée du Soir) – 04:28
Breath (Julien Karpi) – 04:07
Can You Hear Me (Eduard Frolov EFG feat. Robyn Ardery) – 03:36
Demos Loud Notes (Victoria Guillon) – 07:01
Far Away (Cédric Menendez feat. Charlotte De Lilla) – 03:20
Forgotten Phone (Stöj Snak) – 03:33

Introverted Division (Mad Mathilde feat. Cassius) – 04:45
Let Them Kiss (Alexandre Inglebert) – 01:53
L’Heurtoir (Antoine Grelet) – 02:25
One Last Song (TAIKONAUTE) – 03:18
The Cocoon (Yponomeutaneko) – 04:29
Turquoise (Hector Bonte feat. Corinne Fenoglio) – 03:24