Alt-Frequencies – Digital Edition


Original soundtrack to Alt-Frequencies, the audio narrative investigation game created by Accidental Queens. The soundtrack includes 6 tracks composed by several artists (see tracklist tab below).

Each artist brings their personal touch to the OST, which features diverse musical genres including rock, pop and electro. The ensemble harmonizes around an indie style similar to the values embodied by the Accidental Queens studio.

Purchase includes immediate download of the Alt-Frequencies original soundtrack digital album in your favorite format (MP3, WAV, FLAC…).

Alt-Frequencies Soundtrack


“Ecdysis” – Yponeko (ft. Juliet) – 03:50
“Hopeful for Today” – Cédric Menendez – 04:30
“Telling Stories” – Ennis B. [Alexandre Inglebert] – 03:27
“Disorder” – Your Wife, Last Night – 04:12
“Stay” – Araignée du Soir – 03:48
“Let Me Go” – Ennis B. [Hector Bonte ft. David Coburn] – 03:37
“Sleep” – Empurple – 03:47