Dead in Vinland – Digital Edition


The original soundtrack to Dead in Vinland, the management and survival game that combines elements of RPG developed by CCCP.

Bouzouki, psaltery, kaval, oud, Irish flute, riq, mandolin, to name a few; Xavier Collet composed eight mainly acoustic pieces that feature rich instrumentation. FlybyNo even lent his faithful harp to the composer for the track “Harp in Vinland”!

Purchase includes immediate download of the Dead in Vinland original soundtrack in your favorite format (MP3, WAV, FLAC...).

Dead in Vinland Soundtrack


Forced exile – 03:00
Call and response – 02:07
Eirik’s burden – 03:52
Around the campfire – 03:35
Distant horns – 02:02
The three winds – 01:32
Harp in Vinland – 02:33
When comes the night – 02:04