Paper Beast – Vinyl Edition


Double Vinyl Paper Beast ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK

Two-disc 180g vinyl soundtrack of Paper Beast, the exploration game developed by independent studio Pixel Reef and created by Eric Chahi (Another World, Heart of Darkness, From Dust).

This edition’s 17 original tracks are the fruit of a collaboration between Roly Porter (composer and sound designer from the art scene in Bristol, England) and TsuShiMaMiRe (a trio from the underground Japanese alternative art punk scene).

This edition includes two white vinyl discs in a sleeve designed to resemble the surreal universe portrayed in Paper Beast. Artworks designed by Pascal Lefort from the Pixel Reef creative team.

Purchase includes immediate download of the Paper Beast original soundtrack digital album in your favorite format (MP3, WAV, FLAC…).

Ships out within 14 days.

Paper Beast Soundtrack



Disc 1

Side A

Speedy Wonder (TsuShiMaMiRe) – 02:58
Mr Punk 3 – The Tape (TsuShiMaMiRe) – 02:06
Parade (TsuShiMaMiRe) – 03:56
Music for Trees (Roly Porter) – 06:39

Disc 1

Side B

The Collapse (Roly Porter) – 05:17
The Cave (Roly Porter) – 03:10
Underground Data Sea (Roly Porter) – 02:14
The Mirror (Roly Porter) – 03:32

Disc 2

Side C

First Flight (Roly Porter) – 05:13
The Desert (Roly Porter) – 02:09
Wind (Roly Porter) – 03:34
Ice (Roly Porter) – 03:04

Disc 2

Side D

The Blade (Roly Porter / Mushin) – 03:31
In the Valley (Roly Porter) – 01:54
Night Flight (Roly Porter) – 02:26
The Gate (Roly Porter / Mushin) – 04:05
Regolith (Roly Porter) – 04:55