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Thursday, December 3rd, Haven is finally available, as well as its original soundtrack by Danger, an electro artist who also contributed to the Furi soundtrack.

It’s official: the 19-track Haven OST is out. You can find the music that accompanies Yu and Kay on their adventure on our Bandcamp, Spotify, Steam, YouTube accounts or on the others platforms.

New surprises from Danger

On this new soundtrack, Danger surprises us yet again with a very pure style. The 19 tracks on this OST are a big departure from his usual style, especially on Origins, which is much darker.

For Haven, Danger moves from uptempo tracks like “11:18 Move It Muffin” to more melancholy tunes like “8:16 Home”. Overall, it’s a very colorful and luminous soundtrack.

03:20 Free Fall – Haven Original Soundtrack
A brighter style

In an interview, Danger shared his impressions of this new universe he has chosen to explore–childhood:

“It’s true that I do like a mysterious, nocturnal atmosphere.  If I take an overall look at my work, I realize that I’m more generally drawn to all the feelings that stem from childhood and adolescence. I’m still pretty connected to that part of me. 

I feel like people tend to romanticize the emotional world of kids: it’s this wonderful world, a time of innocence where everything is just joy and “simple” happy feelings. That’s not what I remember: for me, childhood is a world where everything is new, everything is strange, where things are undefined, a world made up of irrational fears. It’s a world that’s weird, intuitive and chaotic, were everything is built on sensations. Hayao Miyazaki’s work offers a very nuanced representation of this particular vision of childhood, and his work was an important reference for me as I worked on this soundtrack.

While so far I’ve been more interested in exploring the nightmare zone in my music, the Haven soundtrack gave me the chance to explore other, brighter aspects of childhood.”


Don’t forget: pre-orders for the vinyl edition (€35) and the CD edition (€15) are open. Pre-orders of the vinyl version come with a bonus Haven artwork.

The game is available for PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series X and S as well as on PC today. The PS4 and Switch versions will be released in early 2021.