Rite of Passage (From Mage Noir) – Two new tracks by Arkana

January 27, 2023 Back to Blog

Rite of Passage (From Mage Noir) is now available.

Streaming : Rite of Passage (From Mage Noir)

The first two tracks from Mage Noir, composed by Arkana

Rite of Passage (From Mage Noir) from Arkana is now available on all streaming platforms. The talented composer releases his first musical project linked to a video game, Mage Noir – Infinity. Arkana was already well known in the electro music scene, thanks to his last two EPs Ein Sof and Iskatallith.

This time, Arkana, whose real name is Samuel J Finn, reveals two music that are part of the strategic card game soundtrack: Mage Noir. In these two tracks, keywords are Epic, Magic and Mystery!

The tracks are titled “Rite of Passage”, the main theme of the game and “Emptiness Ritual”, an atmospheric music that leave room for the player’s thinking.

To learn more about the music work of Arkanaand the artist himself, feel free to check out our exclusive interview. You can read ithere!

Rite of Passage (From Mage Noir) by Arkana - G4F Records
Rite of Passage (From Mage Noir) – Arkana

Mage Noir – Now it Begins, the Kickstarter campaign

The game Mage Noir – Infinity from the studio Double Combo Games is available for free on Steam in Early Access. A new Kickstarter campaign started on January 24th, to allow the studio to expand even further the Mage Noir universe.

Kickstarter Link here.