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A Road Trip that’s as Beautiful as it is Delirious

Alright, the day has finally arrived! The game, Road 96, from the Digixart studio is available along with its awesome soundtrack oscillating between folk and synthwave.

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ūüéĶ The album is available on all platforms ‚ě°ÔłŹ HERE

Presented at the Video Game Awards in December 2020, Road 96 is a narrative game where every decision affects the course of history. Take a seat and join a road trip taking place in 1996. You’ll try to flee an authoritarian state in order to fully live your own adventure. This story promises to be an ode to freedom, wide open spaces and impromptu encounters.

The game is now available on all platforms such as Steam, GOG and Nintendo Switch. All information is available on the game’s official website.

As for us, for the game’s release we decided to unveil one of the songs from the soundtrack: The Toxic Avenger – Home Call.

Obviously, it didn’t go unnoticed and a lot of you really enjoyed it. Thank you for your feedback!

Since then, we’ve continued to reveal, little by little, the tracks that make up the game’s album. Music that meets at the crossroads of synthwave and folk music such as The Road by Cocoon.

You’re guaranteed a real trip back to the 90s by listening to the music of this thrilling game, perfect for escapism. Artists such as S U R V I V E (Stranger Things), Robert Parker, Volkor X, Daniel Gadd, Kalax and Alexis Laugier will make you want to travel for miles in search of striking places and atypical characters.

A total of 29 tracks were composed for the in-game album. Thank you to all the artists! ūüėä

We’re happy to have contributed to the music portion of the game and hope you enjoy it.

See you on the road, folks! ūüĎćūüéí