Release of the OST to A Normal Lost Phone

January 26, 2017 Back to Blog

The original soundtrack to A Normal Lost Phone is now available on Bandcamp and YouTube!

We have already unveiled three extracts from the OST to A Normal Lost Phone over the last few weeks, but you can now listen to all 12 tracks in the OST, which was composed specifically for the game. The album was created by twelve artists, who each contributed an original work written in their individual style.

Available on Bandcamp and YouTube

A Normal Lost Phone Soundtrack

The sound of the OST  is therefore a unique blend of pop and ambient music that is rare in the video games industry. The soundtrack  features artists from the European independent scene:

Yllogique & Araignée Du Soir
Julien Karpi
Eduard Frolov EFG feat. Robyn Ardery
Victoria Guillon
Cédric Menendez feat. Charlotte De Lilla
Mad Mathilde feat. Cassius
Alexandre Inglebert
Antoine Grelet
Stöj Snak
Hector Bonte feat. Corinne Fenoglio

OST - A Normal Lost Phone

To recap: A Normal Lost Phone is a detective and logic game unique in its genre. You find a mobile phone and are then free to explore its content to reveal all the secrets in the life of the mystery owner. You can listen to the album in the game via the playlist stored in the phone’s Music app.

You can now download the original soundtrack free of charge (Pay What You Want) on Bandcamp and listen to it on YouTube. The OST will also soon be available on all the streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, etc.).