A Normal Lost Phone Original Soundtrack

The original soundtrack to A Normal Lost Phone includes 12 original tracks composed specifically for the game and will be available on January 26, 2017.

The OST is a real mix of genres including pop, ambient music and indie folk inspired by the original soundtrack to the game “Life is Strange”.

Release date : 20170126

Featuring original compositions from:

Alexandre Inglebert
Antoine Grelet
Cédric Menendez feat. Charlotte De Lilla
Eduard Frolov EFG feat. Robyn Ardery
Hector Bonte feat. Corinne Fenoglio
Julien Karpi
Mad Mathilde feat. Cassius
Stöj Snak
Victoria Guillon
Yllogique & Araignée Du Soir

Created by Accidental Queens and published by Plug In Digital.

A Normal Lost Phone is a detective and logic game. You find a smartphone and are then free to explore its content to unveil all the secrets in the life of its mystery owner.

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