Listen to the Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story original soundtrack released on September 21, 2017.

The spiritual sequel to A Normal Lost Phone offers an instrumental soundtrack, between electro chill, ambient and trip hop.

The OST was composed by 8 artists: Hector Bonte, Yllogique & Araignée du Soir, Cédric Menendez, Kwes, Mint on Ice, Yponomeutaneko and Antoine Grelet.
Also include two licenced music from Warp Records: “White Gloves” by Khruangbin and “36” by Kwes.

Release date : 20170921

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story was created by Accidental Queens and published by Plug In Digital. The original soundtrack was published by G4F Prod and distributed by G4F Records.

Featuring original compositions from:

Hector Bonte
Yllogique & Araignée du Soir
Cédric Menendez
Mint on Ice
Antoine Grelet

Also include two licenced music from the Warp Records label:

“White Gloves” by Khruangbin – Composer/Writer: Manders/Speer, (p)Warp Publishing ©Late Night tales
“36” by Kwes – Performed by Kwes, Written by Kwesi Sey, (p)Warp Publishing, Courtesy of Warp Records

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is a narrative investigation game created by Accidental Queens. You can explore the social life of Laura, whose phone you have just found. The game explore social issues rarely seen in video games through a realistic and striking story.