Bande originale de Dead in Vinland

Xavier Collet

Xavier ColletComposer

Listen to the music for Dead in Vinland composed by Xavier Collet.

With the bouzouki, psaltery, kaval, oud and Irish whistle, the acoustic soundtrack has a unique style that harmoniously combines instruments from around the world to reflect the diversity of the characters in the game.

The OST contains 8 tracks and has been available for pre-order since March 7, 2018.

Release date : 20180412

Music composed by Xavier Collet

Oud, mandolin, bouzouki, psaltery, kaval: Xavier Collet

Baroque recorders, Irish whistle: Christos Barbas

Harp: Arnaud Roy

Violin: Sabrina Mauchet

Dead in Vinland is a management and survival game that combines elements of RPG. The player follows the ups and downs of a family of Vikings stranded on an uninhabited island. Eirik and his wife Blodeuwedd have to struggle to ensure the survival of their little family.

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