Solasta Soundtrack

Maxime Hervé

Maxime HervéComposer

Soundtrack of Solasta: Crown of the Magister, composed by Maxime Hervé.

The soundtrack is available on YouTube, Bandcamp and all streaming platforms.

Release date : 20210527

Music composed by Maxime Hervé.

Sound engineer: Fabien Girard

Assistant sound engineer: Mathieu Trouvé,

Copyist: Alexandre Bobe

Musicians :

Violin: Rachel Koblyakov / Solo French Horn horn: Louis Verchere / French horn ensemble: Sylvain Delorme, Esteban Arevalo, David Vau, Louis Verchere / Vocals: Roxanne Comiotto / Flute: Catherine Ribrault / Cello: Paul Colomb / Bassoon: Thomas Dubos / Percussions: Jean-Noël Godard / Trumpet: Mathieu Tarot / Trombone: Xavier Rachet / Clarinet: Matthieu Gaillard

Original soundtrack produite par G4F.
℗ 2020 G4F Prod
© 2020 Tactical Adventures & G4F Records

Soalsta: Crown of the Magister is an action-RPG game developed by Tactical Adventures.

Discover the devastated world of Solasta: explore ruins and dungeons in search of legendary treasures, learn the truth about an ancient cataclysm, and prevent it from happening again.

Release date: 27 May 2021