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Twitch is the ideal platform to let you have fun while sharing your passion with the world. But in this vast community of players, many people also have an unconditional love for music and regularly play one or more instruments. What if combining these two passions could bring something refreshing into the gaming sphere? We recently had several favourites among gaming music streamers, and we wanted to share them with you today!

1. MrGregles

Gregory Storey, a.k.a. “MrGregles,” is a British streamer who’s clearly got rhythm! Gregory, who has been drumming for over eleven years, first began streaming his games with a group of friends before leaving his controller behind to pick up his drumsticks again, where he unleashes his full potential.

Greg has a mild form of Tourette’s syndrome, and playing drums allows him to transcend his handicap and give impressive live performances. He’s not afraid to take on new challenges, and sometimes he even plays blindfolded!

In addition to his drumming talent, Gregory has a great sense of showmanship and puts a lot of work into enhancing his live performances and making them interactive. Greg is also a VFX artist & programmer, and his commitment to his passion led him create an impressive setup of about twenty cameras arranged around his drum set, which allow him to create all sorts of visual effects that viewers can trigger using Twitch controls.

MrGregles doesn’t just cover video game music. He also covers many well-known titles. Check out his cover of “Freedom Dive” from the RoBeats rhythm game!:

Check out MrGregles’ Twitch channel, and also find him on his website and on Twitter.

2. Simon Loveridge

Simon Loveridge is a pianist, guitarist, and bassist. He’s a major video game fan who covers cult music from the media. 

In top form when he’s on the guitar, playing heavy metal, Simon also spends a lot of time in front of his piano. His live performances, which sometimes last more than two hours, are a chance to hear him play music suggested by his viewers.

If you want to rediscover the music from your favorite video games reinterpreted on the piano in a chill atmosphere, SimonLoveridge’s live shows are ideal!

Simon’s “Video Game Piano Covers” shows usually take place in the evening. To get a sneak peek of his piano skills, check out his “mega medley” of several cult video game themes on his Twitch channel:

You can check out Simon Loveridge on Twitch and YouTube, and you can even listen to his covers on Spotify.

3. Felereith


Felereith is an American cellist. From the dim light of a library, Kaitlin Findlay, a.k.a. Felereith, sweeps you away into her poetic universe, to the dramatic tune of her cello. Her instrument’s unique sound completely changes the way familiar tunes resonate, making them more beguiling and elicit an emotional response.

Kaitlin has a YouTube channel where she regularly posts music videos shot in natural settings, which are a fantastic complement to her Twitch live performances. We highly recommend listening to her version of the Uncharted theme:

Discover Felereith’s Twitch channel and her Instagram page.

4. Aishuu

Aishuu is a French guitarist from Lyon who lives a double life: musician by day, gamer by night. A fan of indie video games, Aishuu hosts energetic live sessions on Rocksmith, accompanied by his electric guitar. 

His favorite styles are Rock, Metal, Funk and Blues. During live performances, Aishuu usually takes musical requests from viewers.

Check out one of his Metallica covers on Rocksmith:

Follow Aishuu on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.

5. Minstery

A singer and guitarist, Minstery is very involved in the video gaming scene. She has been streaming on Twitch since 2016, and she’s also the co-administrator of the Lapins Crétins International Discord account, an Ambassador for the Jeu.Vidéo website, and a Women in Games speaker.

With her acoustic guitar and soothing voice, Minstery gives relaxed and gentle live music performances, sometimes before introducing a new video game at the end of the stream.

Her playlist, which includes requests from streamers, is a mix of different types of music and video game music covers.

Follow Minstery on Twitch and Twitter, and also check out her blog.

6. Wrexneck

Wrexneck is an experienced American bassist who is active on Rocksmith. He also does improvisations during his live performances.

You can find some of his performances on his YouTube channel:

Follow Wrexneck on Twitch and Twitter.

7. JasonParadise

Formerly community manager at Ubisoft for Rocksmith, JasonParadise has won several national rhythm game championships, making him an expert in the field for more than a decade now.

While he’s a big fan of the Rocksmith or Guitar Hero license, Jason is now playing Clone Hero, a free alternative to those games that allows you to add your own music.

Jason streams wild lives on Clone Hero, where he regularly covers music transformed into memes, playing them with unruffled ease!

From time to time, Jason does live performances on Rocksmith, on his real bass.

Follow JasonParadise on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter.

8. The8BitDrummer

You’ve almost certainly heard of The8BitDrummer, but we had to add him to this article since he’s become a major figure in Twitch music. As his name suggests, The8BitDrummer is a drummer and frequent streamer who is always in a good mood. You’re sure to have a good time listening to him play a wide variety of music.

Discover his cover of Carpenter Brut’s “You’re Mine,” from the original soundtrack to Furi:

Follow The8BitDrummer on Twitch, YouTube et Twitter.

This non-exhaustive list makes us optimistic when it comes to the future of video game music on Twitch, which seems to be on a roll, supported each year by the arrival of new musicians on the platform. One thing’s for sure, the show has just begun!