The Twin Mirror soundtrack is available!

December 1, 2021 Back to Blog

For the occasion of Twin Mirror‘s release on Steam today, created by Dontnod Entertainment, the soundtrack of the game composed by David Wingo, is now available on all music platforms!

“Twin Mirror” by David Wingo

🎵 Listen to the original soundtrack ➡️ HERE

The original soundtrack is available on all music platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple, etc.), YouTube and Bandcamp (20% off until December 14th)!

For the last year, it has been available on Epic Games Store, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and today Twin Mirror is now launched on Steam. Twin Mirror is a narrative adventure game in which the player takes the role of Sam Higgs. They will have to conduct the investigation in the town of Basswood in order to unveil the secrets lurking there.

Twin Mirror (Original Game Soundtrack) is the first composition for the video game by David Wingo, known for his soundtracks from films such as “Midnight Special” or from TV series like “Barry” on HBO. David Wingo shares about his first impression of the project and his musical intentions below:

« When DONTNOD approached me about doing the music for TWIN MIRROR they really stressed the cinematic aspects of the game and the story, and they wanted me to approach it as such. Having never worked on a video game before, I initially felt intimidated, but as soon as I read the script and spoke to them about it and started receiving scenes, I could see exactly what they were going for. I loved that the game had elements of both hard-scrabble Americana realism in this depressed rural town as well as the fantastical elements with the Mind Palace and the twin, with these two worlds so seamlessly mixed in the package of a kind of modern noir.

They really stressed the cinematic aspects of the game and the story

To be able to experiment with mixing some more rootsy textures and instrumentation with analog synths and more contemporary sounds, and then tie it all together with more traditional orchestration, all while having to cover and convey such a wide emotional palette: it was such a thrill and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on such a unique project with creators who were so passionate about what they were working on. » DAVID WINGO

The soundtrack is also now available in a limited vinyl edition in the Diggers Factory store (a few hundred copies only). The edition consists of a folding Gatefold sleeve containing a 180g black vinyl and all of the tracks from the soundtrack. An interview with the composer can also be found in the cover.

🎵 Listen to the original soundtrack ➡️ HERE