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#Amplified2021 Vinyl Dungeon of the Endless

For the Amplified2021 week, which celebrate all the Amplitude Studios games, we are joining the party with the announcement of the Dungeon of the Endless vinyl edition pre-order, as well as the Endless Space 2: Definitive Edition digital soundtrack release, both composed by Arnaud Roy.

Dungeon of the Endless, vinyl edition

The first news is the Dungeon of the Endless vinyl pre-order launch. This edition features an orange record in a cover featuring major artwork from Dungeon of the Endless. The inner sleeve also features its own design in the game’s colors.

Pre-order here: https://www.g4f-records.com/en/produit/dungeon-of-the-endless-vinyl-edition-pre-order/

The soundtrack was composed using nothing but synths from the 90s (Waldorf Microwave, PolyEvolver, etc.) to create a unique transcendental experience. For one of his first video game compositions, Arnaud Roy serves up a soundtrack that features atmospheric and melancholy electronica.

The digital album is always available on all streaming platforms: Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube.

La version définitive de la bande originale de Endless Space 2

Amplitude Studios also announce the game Endless Space 2: Definitive Edition during the event, which will includes all the game DLC. So, it’s also the perfect timing for Arnaud Roy to release the Endless Space 2: Definitive Edition OST album whick will features all the music composed for the game and its additionnal contents. The album is already available on Bandcamp and it’s coming soon on all streaming platforms!

As a reminder, all the Endless Space 2 original soundtrack is already available on YouTube.

Endless Space 2 Definitive Edition Original Soundtrack