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Discover the first track from the game soundtrack composed by DANGER: 4:42 Still Free!

Nearly 4 years after Furi‘s energetic audio soundscape, which brought together electro artists including The Toxic Avenger and Carpenter Brut, DANGER is back again to collaborate with The Game Bakers on their new project: Haven.

The first single, “4:42 Still Free” is out now on YouTube, Bandcamp and Steam (and very soon on every music streaming platforms). Don’t forget to add our Steam page to your wishlist and to follow us on Bandcamp so you’ll be ready when the album is released!

4:42 Still Free” is a great point of entry to Haven‘s colorful world because it’s a perfect reflection of the game’s energy. From the first intriguing notes of the introduction, the track then gives way to positive vibes and a pop sound. With the groove of its synths, this first track propels you at top speed into the adventure that is Haven!

On the occasion of the release of “4:42 Still Free“, DANGER shares his references and influences, as well as his intentions behind the Haven soundtrack composition in an interview available on the Xbox Wire Blog.

“While so far I’ve been more interested in exploring the nightmare zone in my music, the Haven soundtrack gave me the chance to explore other, brighter aspects of childhood.

DANGER Interview by The Game Bakers

DANGER‘s last album, Origins, was released in 2019 on 1789 Records. Find out more about DANGER on his official website.

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