Space Hulk: Tactics – Digital Edition


Original soundtrack to Space Hulk: Tactics, the strategy game set in the Warhammer universe created by Cyanide Studio. The soundtrack includes 12 tracks composed by Maxime Hervé.

The soundtrack immerse yourself in the Warhammer universe by offering a mix of Maxime favorites Rock sounds, an epic instrumentation, some more rare instrument like the Death Whistle and finally, the choir recorded at the Château du Boschet to give the final touch to the original soundtrack.

Purchase includes immediate download of the Space Hulk: Tactics original soundtrack digital album in your favorite format (MP3, WAV, FLAC…).

Space Hulk: Tactics Soundtrack


Eldar Hulk – Terminators – 02:41
Ork Hulk – Genestealers – 02:41
Ork Hulk – Terminators – 03:07
Eldar Hulk – Genestealers – 03:03
Imperium Hulk – Genestealers – 02:37
Imperium Hulk – Terminators – 02:42

Fate of the Blood Angels – ACT I – 02:56
Fate of the Blood Angels – ACT II – 02:53
Fate of the Blood Angels – ACT III – 02:48
The Forsaken Doom – 02:43
Space Hulk: Tactics – Main Theme – 02:50
Mission Editor – 03:31